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Our Portfolio and Success Stories

We’re relentlessly focused on getting our clients more sales and hitting their business’s growth goals. Our team have achieved awesome results across all the industries we’ve worked in.

Enjoy Racing

In 2020 this adrenaline adventure agency reached out to us with a request to solve their issue with booking the purchased car drives vouchers.

Alongside the booking solution, we started working on the sales part of the website ( e-commerce). E-commerce helped them not to rely on third party sellers when it comes to vouchers for adrenaline drives

With every new website, there’s an imminent need for SEO optimization and a proper sales strategy that stems from copywriting.

Penzión Eliška

The website for this small family-owned hotel used to be half baked work from 2005, as you can imagine that they were in dire need of a redesign.

Alongside redesign, the website had to be populated with content, therefore we organised a photoshoot on the site, and did some copywriting.

As per usual hotels need booking system, so we created a booking solution for them.


Small Slovak manufacturer of duvets and pillows. Their old website was again a series of unfortunate events with a very unprofessional agency.

Stepping in, we solved all the problems and shortcomings their digital marketing had. Starting with a new re-brand, colour palette and logo.

After developing a skeleton of the website design, we did a proper product photoshoot. Finishing with populating the website with text, SEO optimization and Email/SMS marketing.

Beauty Art Atelier

This starting Austrian art photographer reached out to us with a request to help her build a brand and website.
Appointments solution had to be a must for photo sessions with clients.

Thanks to Austrian demography being mixed as it is, we had to make a language mutation of the website in English and German. This put our copywriting and language skills to the test.

After finishing the SEO optimization, we delivered the website to a happy customer.

J. M. Coaching

For this local fitness trainer, we created a branding worthy of the spartan warrior he is. Combining aggressive red and elegant black came with great results.

We started to work on a local SEO campaign that is yielding customers.
Photoshoot we did for poupating this website with content had to be adapted for branding.

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